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FIRE DANGER RATING - HIGH - The Fire Chief has implemented a Ban on All Open Burning within the City of Mission until further notice. This ban includes the use of Recreational Fire Pits. This prohibition does not include propane or natural gas appliances such as barbeques.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I burn?

Land clearing is strictly prohibited in all areas of the City of Mission. Burning of garbage and construction materials/debris is also prohibited. Yard debris cannot be burned in areas with municipal garbage collection.

I live in a rural, non-municipal garbage collection area, can I burn yard debris? Do I need a permit?

Those living in non-municipal garbage collection areas may burn yard debris from October 1 to March 31 except during a burning ban. A permit is not required, however, restrictions apply.

What are the restrictions for burning yard debris in a non-municipal garbage collection area?

The pile of yard debris to be burned must not exceed 1m in diameter and 1m in height. Please over turn long-standing piles to ensure that wintering critters have opportunity to escape. Only one pile is permitted at a time. A ventilation category of "Good" must be present on the day of burning. Burning cannot begin until one hour after sunrise, and must end by 4 p.m. or two hours before sunset, whichever is later. An adult person must be in attendance at all times. Please refer to Bylaw 5962-2020 for full details.

What does a Recreational Fire Permit allow?

A Recreational Fire Permit allows a residential homeowner or tenant to burn clean, dry, untreated firewood in a fire pit for personal enjoyment or warmth, essentially a campfire. An adult must be in attendance at all times. Only one fire pit is allowed per property and can be used year-round except when a burning ban is in place.

How do I obtain a Recreational Fire Permit? What is the fee?

You can obtain a permit online using this website, or you can visit us in person at Fire Station No. 1 located at 33330 - 7th Avenue. Homeowners or tenants with landlord approval can obtain a permit. The one-time fee is $40.

What are the regulated specifications of Recreational Fire pits?

Fire pits must be constructed of non-combustible material, enclosed on all sides, with no linear dimension exceeding 1m or vertical dimension exceeding 0.6m. They must not be located closer than 4.6m to anything combustible, for example a building or a hedge.

I'm moving, can I transfer my Recreational Fire Permit to my new home?

No, permits are not transferable between persons or property.

What if a complaint is received regarding my fire pit?

We investigate all complaints of excessive smoke. No person shall continue to burn if it is the cause of an unreasonable nuisance to the immediate neighbourhood because of drifting smoke, ash, or an unpleasant odour. Permits are conditional and may be revoked at any time.

Do propane or natural gas appliances require a permit?

Propane and natural gas appliances such as barbeques do not require a permit and can be used during a burning ban.

What is a Special Occasion/Ceremonial Burn Permit?

A one-day permit for special events, gatherings, and religious or cultural ceremonies. Issued year-round except during a burning ban, there is no fee.

Where can I get more information on the ventilation index?

Visit BC Air Quality at: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/epdpa/venting/

How do I make a burning complaint or report?

Please call 604-820-3793, this is a 24 hour number.

I want to FireSmart my property by removing vegetation around structures. Can I burn the debris?

Following a FireSmart property assessment by our staff, a Community Wildfire Protection permit may be issued which will allow you to burn the debris. To request a free assessment visit: https://laserfiche.mission.ca/Forms/firesmart